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Starting from a desire to learn from the Internet and then on its development turned into a desire to collect articles, reading, reviewing, or even writing and thinking as reading material to be shared with fellow bloggers and co playing around us.
May be less appropriate if on the page About us / About Us I wrote at length, or maybe even vent, but I do not know where else would write it and with what title. All I can say to start my blogging until later today is my desire that blogging is not an easy thing, with various limitations of existing infrastructures and good advice in the area where I live, then the lack of knowledge about information technology, and not the support of people around making my blogging activity to be less than the maximum.
Contact Person:
Nama : Septian Heri Priatmo
Email : insomniser@gmail.com
BBM  : 30594937
YM    : ian.insomniser
Pertanyaan, kritik, saran, pesan, kesan, silahkan kirimkan melalui email
Terima kasih buat semuanya

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