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If Strict Diet Is Healthy?

Diet, that should be interpreted as a balanced diet, often abused the term to manipulate the shape of the body’s desires. As a model, I very much understand this dilemma. A model is expected to “more” than ordinary people, both taller, prettier, more handsome, thinner, and less stocky. However, not all models was born with a State, so that eventually they use the extreme way to “change” things.

Diet could be imbalance of nutrients

strict diet- If not done wisely, diet can lead to an imbalance of nutrients on the individuals who lived through it. It furthermore does not only affect the physical, but also the emotional and psychological abuse of a person. For example, if a woman underwent a very strict diet within a period of time long enough, it can trigger a variety of problems, such as doesn’t lancarnya menstruate process early, osteoporosis, bleeding, or severe depression. In men, testosterone hormone levels will be decreased drastically due to stress, which then led to the shrinking of muscles, dehydration, or infertility. Both men and women, diets that are too extreme to be screwing up the blood sugar function, damage kidney function, debilitating brain function, slow down the process of digestion and metabolism of the body, lowers the immune system, and trigger stress as well as the prolonged depression.

Extreme diet is not healthy

- Under any circumstances, extreme diet is not healthy. The extreme Diet is a poor choice to live my life. Many studies have concluded that individuals who live on a diet like this will ultimately be more consume unhealthy food than individuals who undergo polo eat mediocrity. So, if You are forced to live on a diet, try not to do it too often. In addition, doing under the supervision of a physician or dietitian.
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